Inner Smile / Five Virtues


     The Inner Smile is a powerful relaxation technique that begins in the eyes. The eyes are connected to the autonomic nervous system, which in turn is connected to all the organs and glands. As the first part of the body to receive emotional signals, the eyes cause the organs and glands to accelerate activity at the times of stress or danger, and slow down when a crisis has passed, ideally maintaining a calm and balanced level of response. A genuine smile transmits loving energy which has the power to warm and heal. The Inner Smile Directs smiling energy maintaining their energy at peak performance. The smile then, is a most powerful means to personal power. 



     Wait at least one hour after eating before beginning this practice. Choose a quiet spot. Dress warmly so as not to be chilled. Loosen your clothing and set on your “sitting bones” at the very edge of a chair. The genitals, as an important energy center, should be unsupported. The legs should be a hip’s width apart, and the feet should be solidly on the floor. Sit comfortably erect with the shoulders relaxed and the chin slightly tucked in. Place your hands comfortably on your lap, the right palm on top of the left. Breathe normally. Close your eyes. When you begin place the tongue in a comfortable position near the teeth.


Smiling Down to the Organs (The Front Line)

  • Eyes:Relax your forehead. Imagine suddenly meeting someone you love or seeing a beautiful sight. Project an image of your own smiling face in front of you. Feel that smiling energy, like sunshine, being drawn into your eyes and the point between the mid-eyebrow behind which is located the pituitary gland. (This is point is known as the “Third Eye”.)
  • Face:Continue to draw that energy into the midpoint between your eyebrows (Third Eye), permitting that space to widen. Let it flow into your nose (let the nostrils subtly widen) and cheeks. Feel it relaxing the facial skin, then going deep inside the face muscles, warming your whole face. Let the smile flow into your mouth, gently lifting its outer corners, Feel the smiling energy flow into the tongue. Touch the tongue to the roof of
     the mouth, and leave the tongue there for the rest of this practice. This action connects the two major energy channels of the body: the Front Line and Back Line. Bring the smiling energy to the jaw to relax it. And feel the jaw release the tension that is commonly held there. Slightly separate or barely touch the teeth.
  • Neck and Throat:Smile into your neck and throat. Allow your neck to sink down, as a turtle into its shell, resting it from the burden of holding your heavy head. Smile into the thyroid and parathyroid glands, housed in the front part of the neck, also common areas of tension. Feel the throat open like a flower blossom as the energy melts away the tension.
  • Throat and Sternum:Let the smiling energy flow into your thymus gland, located between the throat and sternum. Feel it grow bigger as it blossoms with smiling energy, and feel its fragrant, warm, healing energy flow down into your heart.
  • Heart: The heart is approximately the size of a fist and is located in the center of the chest a little to the left. Smile to your heart and thank it for its constant and essential work in pumping blood at the right pressure to circulate it throughout your body. Feel the heat relax as it works more easily. Let the energy fill your heart with love. Feel any impatience or hastiness transform into joy and respect. Love, honesty and respect, and the greatest virtue of all, compassion, arise from the heart. Feel these virtues radiate to all the organs and throughout the whole body from the pumping of the heart as is blossoms and grows. Let the smiling energy fill your heart with joy.
  • Lungs: Smile into every cell of your lungs. Thank them for their wonderful work in supplying oxygen to the body and releasing carbon dioxide. Feel them soften, become spongier and moister, expand and tingle with energy. Feel the smiling energy, induced by love, compassion and joy from the heart, transform sadness and depression into righteousness and courage.
  • Liver: Smile into your liver, the large organ located mainly on the right side at the bottom of the rib cage. Thank it for its complex part in digestion of processing, storing and releasing nutrients, and for its work in detoxifying harmful substance. Feel it soften and grow moister. Let the smiling energy of love, compassion, joy and righteousness transform any anger residing in the liver into kindness.
  • Kidneys: Bring the smiling energy into you kidneys, just inside the lower part of your rib cage in the back on either side of the spine. Thank them for their work on filtering the blood, excreting waste products and maintaining water balance. Feel them grow cooler, fresher and cleaner. Smile into your adrenals, on top of your kidneys; these produce adrenalin for fight or flight: situations as well as several other hormones. Feel any fee being transformed into gentleness by all the other virtues your smiling energy has collected thus far.
  • Pancreas and Spleen: Smile into your pancreas at the bottom and left side of the rib cage, above waist level. Thank it for producing insulin to regulate your blood sugar level and enzymes for digestion. Smile into you spleen, located at the bottom and left side of the rib cage. Thank it for producing antibodies against certain diseases. As you smile into both your spleen and pancreases, feel any worry hidden there melted away by love, compassion, joy righteousness, kindness, and gentleness and transformed into fairness.



Smiling Down the Intestinal Tract (The Middle Line)

  1. Stomach: Become aware once more of the smiling energy in your eyes and mid—eyebrow, or Third Eye, and let it flow down to your mouth. Become aware of your tongue and make some saliva by working you mouth and swishing you tongue around. Place the tip of your tongue to the roof of the mouth, tighten the neck muscles, and swallow the saliva hard and quickly, making a gulping sound. With you Inner Smile, follow the saliva down the esophagus to the stomach, located at the bottom and below the left side of the rib cage. Thank it for its important work in liquefying and digesting your food. Fell it grow calm and comfortable.
  2. Small Intestine: Smile into the small intestine in the middle of the upper abdomen. Thank it for absorbing food nutrients.
  3. Large Intestine: Smile into the large intestine, just above and at the sides of the small intestine, and the rectum. Thank them for eliminating wastes. Feel warm clean, comfortable and calm.
  4. Bladder and Urethra: Bring the smiling energy back up a bit to the bladder, just behind the pubic bone, and the urethra. Thank them for storing and releasing urine.
  5. Eyes return to your eyes. Quickly smile down the Middle Line, checking each one for any remaining tension.
  6. Smile into the intensional until it melts away.



Smiling Down the Spine (The Back Line)

  1. Eyes: Bring your attention back to your eyes again and draw more energy into the eyes and mid—eyebrow, or Third Eye.
  2. Glands in the Brain: Smile inwardly with both eyes, and collect the power of the smile in the mid-eyebrow (Third Eye). With your inner eyesight direct your smile about three to four inches inside your brain into the pituitary gland, the master gland of the body, and feel it blossom. Smile into the thalamus gland believed to play a role in the expression of emotion. It is centrally located directly above the spinal cord and slightly behind and above the pituitary gland, from which nerve fibers extend throughout the brain and spinal cord. Smile into the pineal gland at the head’s crown. Feel the glands swell and grow. Smile the inner Smile into the left and then right hemispheres of the brain, bringing balance and strength to the brain.
  3. Spinal Column: Move the Inner Smile’s eyesight to the mid-brain and the first cervical vertebra at the base of the skull. Bring the loving energy down inside each vertebrae and the disk below it: seven cervical (neck) vertebrae, twelve thoracic (chest), five lumbar (lower back), and the spine expands and elongates. Your back should feel loose and comfortable.
  4. Entire Back Line: Return to your eyes and quickly smile down the entire back line. This exercise greatly increases the flow of spinal fluid and sedates the nervous system. Your whole body should fell relaxed.



Smiling Down the Length of the Entire Body

  1. Entire Body: Start at the eyes again and direct your Inner Smile quickly down the Front Line, then the Middle and Back Lines. When you are experienced, smile down all three line simultaneously while remaining aware of the organs and spine. Feel the energy descend down the entire length of your body like a water fall of smiles, joy and love. Feel the muscles and skin relax, as your whole body feels loved and appreciated.
  2. Collecting and Storing Energy at the NavelCollection


     It is very important to end by storing the energy that has been generated in the navel. Most ill effects of meditation are caused by excess energy in the head or heart. The navel is can safely handle the increased body heat. To collect the energy, concentrate on the smiling energy in your navel are; that is about one and a half inches inside your body. Then, mentally move that energy in an outward spiral around your navel 36 times; do not go above the diaphragm or below the pubic bone. A woman starts the spiraling downward toward the right side (counterclockwise: A man starts spiraling downward toward the left side (clockwise). Next, reverse the direction of the spiral and bring it back into navel, circling it 24 times. Use your finger as a guide the first few times. Your have now completed the Inner Smile and have energy available to you when you need it.

Daily Practice

     Practice the Inner Smile as soon as you wake up. It will improve your whole day. If you love your own body, you will be more loving to others and more effective in your work. Once you have learned it, it takes five to ten minutes to smile down your entire body. Try to maintain the smiling sensation longer and longer, and eventually throughout the whole day. Continue to remind yourself to practice the Inner Smile. It is the best stress reducer in the world.