Do you want to be a Kickboxer, then here’s what you need to do. ‘Train hard fight easy’ Well, that’s an old saying but I never believe or say a fight was easy because the fight is the end result of all the weeks and in some cases even months of hard work and sacrifice. So, if it ends early in the first round then it’s a bonus. 

Don’t forget the hard work
Blood, Sweat and in some cases tears that helped achieve you the victory!

     For any martial artists or fighter regardless of the art form, it is important in each evolution of training to know what you are doing, and why. You should change your training routine to match the specific challenge that lies ahead.
     Cardio is the basic foundation of everything you do in a fight. If you have no, or a poor cardio, you can't fight. If you have no cardio, you won't even be able to train properly either. Bottom line is the more hours you spend on your preparation for example; techniques, cardio, sparring and conditioning the better your fight will go. So, you will need cardio to carry you through your training sessions. The better your cardio, the more you will be able to train in a day. The more you train, the better you will be. Most knock-outs or stoppages, believe it or not, come from a lack of cardio and poor fitness. For example, you opponent is too tire to keep his/her hands up. That is why you rarely see knockouts in the early part of a fight (unless it is a clean shot). When a fighter is fresh and has great fitness, he/she can withstand a tremendous amount of blows. Without cardio a fighter also can't defend himself. When you can't breathe, it is hard to move out of the way of a kick or punch. Maybe you see it coming, but you are just too tired to do anything about it. ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to Fail.’ There are many ingredients needed to make a good Kickboxer. However, you are required to ‘Fight.’ Many students believe they are training for a fight when they practice kicking or punching a bag. But kicking and punching are only two of the many aspects of fighting which have to be trained.
     Focus pads (where the teacher wears the pads on his hands or forearms) is an excellent training method, because it gives the teacher an opportunity to watch every single technique which is thrown and gives the coach the opportunity to improve the fighter.
     Shadow boxing is where the student goes through the fight in his head, attacking and defending against his imagined adversary. Shadow boxing involves movement, footwork, combinations, and creativity. Always do shadow boxing first, as a warm up.
     Sparring is one of the least used yet most trainers believe is the key to success and the most important providing the above is fulfilled. The Sparring is sometimes the most abused training of the training methods. Our program spars at least just once a week. Most students tend to think sparring is a mini fight, which will have a winner and a looser. This is completely wrong. Sparring is a chance for you to practice your combinations on a live opponent, without worrying about getting hurt. There should be no injuries in sparring. And there should be two winners. Always try to spar with people better than you. Spar easy. Don't injure your opponent. Spar cleanly and have respect and you will both benefit.
    Fighting has so many aspects. Fight technique, timing, rhythm, movement, strategy and ring technique must be taught and practiced. Nothing should be left to chance.