Why Eight Theories?

     The Wing Chun system is a theory-based system instead of a technique based system. A technique based system uses predefined counters for a series of attacks. This poses many problems in acquiring the correct counters to match the presumed attacks. In real-time combat, it almost impossible chose from numerous of techniques to defend from an unknown attack. A Wing Chun practitioner uses a set of theories to zone their body in many parts. Primarily, the practitioner uses six zones or gates to defend from an attacker. Hence, the practitioner would occupy the zone or close the gates with a certain hand position. The method of combat eliminates the need to learn large numbers of predetermine techniques. In the end, a theory-based system has an advantage over a technique based system through a simplified methodology of defense.

Eight Theories

Core Line
Center Line
Reciprocal Line
Central Line Area
Central Line
Six Gates
Five Ranges
Five Stages