The Five Stages of Combat can help the Wing Chun practitioner to develop the skills needed for each stage of combat. The first stage is the Pre-contact/Entry Stage. At this stage, the practitioner would use visual skills to read and respond from various attacks. The second stage is the Contact Stage. Here, the practitioner would start using more sensitivity skills to read the opponent intentions. The third stage is the Exchange Stage. Chi Sao skills are used at this stage of combat. Hence, Chi Sao teaches the ability to defend by feeling the opponent's movements without the use of visual skills. The Fourth stage is the Retreat. This stage uses quick footwork skills that would allow the practitioner to avoid an unfavourable position. This would allow the practitioner to enter the fight in a better situation at a later time. The Fifth and final stage would be the Pursuit Stage. At this stage, the skill to attack and move more aggressively to end the fight quickly would be up most importance. The stages of combat would allow the Wing Chun practitioner a perspective of time or a fourth dimensional understanding of combat.