What is a Private and Commercial Kwoon?

     There are mainly two types of KungFu schools. These are public and private or commercial and noncommercial schools. Both types of schools have their advantages and disadvantages from the student’s point of view and taste.

Public Kwoons

     Public schools are easily found by either looking under martial schools in the phone book or through the Internet. Admittance to these schools is by just walking into the door and expressing interest in the program. There is a small orientation meeting or introduction class offered. Financial means are discussed and arrange at the orientation meeting. In these schools, the instructor must have to meet financial obligation to keep the school doors open to the public such as lease, utilities, and supplies. After the orientation, the student is admitted into the program. These schools tend to be well organized in their class structure, ranking, and grading system. Formality is a primary concern in these schools as well as discipline.

     The VA and NJ Kwoons are in commercial locations. These programs are run by SiFu Boscola’s senior instructors. These instructors run and manage independently from each other’s programs. Please contact these schools for registration process.

Private Kwoons

     Private schools are not easily to be found. These schools are usually located in instructor’s home or in a park. The instructor uses the word of mouth of current students to obtain new prospects for the program. Sometimes, the student must pass an interview process to be even accepted into the program. Since, the instructor has no or little financial obligation to maintain the program. The instructor may wish to be selective in their choice of students to be members of their program. The class structures will tend to be loose along with ranking and grading system. In most cases, the ranking and grading system is depended on the instructor sole view point of the student’s skill. The school structure is design around a family architecture not so much which level that a student as obtain.

     The UT Kwoon is a private, but assessable school. It is located at 324 S 1150 E, Smithfield, UT 84335. SiFu Boscola has decided to teach privately in recent years. Recently, family and job obligations has lead SiFu’s decision to teach in a private location. Everybody is still welcome to join. The location is recently renovated to be a full functional KungFu school along with tradition and modern training equipment. Please fill out the application and call us at 435-752-7300.

Who Can Join?

      You must be at least 8 years old.  If you are under the age of 18, a parent must be present at orientation.

Why an Orientation?

      I want to see each of my prospective students before they join the Kwoon.  Class area is small. Please be sure that you have serious intentions to complete system before inquiring.

Is there a Membership Fee?

      Yes, I do ask my students to donate a  monthly fee to cover any cost of running the program.  This donation fee covers all levels taken in there sequential order.

How Can You Join?

      If you are interested in joining any of the Wing Chun Kung-Fu Kwoons,  Please fill out the application carefully.  We will send you a current prospectus via email.  You may also Contact Us at the UT Kwoon by phone at 435-752-7300.

Thank You for your Interest.