SiGung Boscola has been doing Wing Chun Kung Fu starting at the age of 13. At the age of 17, SiGung achieved his instructor level. SiGung's linage extends through two different versions of Wing Chun Styles which one version from Moy Yat (Conventional) and the second from Cheung Cheuk Hing (Traditional). SiGung primarily performs the Traditional system in lieu of its much advance footwork and theories. In over 30 years, Boscola ran both commercial and private schools. SiGung's first school was at the age of 18. Currently, SiGung is a Senior Master Level Instructor in the North American Wing Chun Association.


Wing Chun KungFu

World Wing Chun KungFu Association
North American Wing Chun KungFu Association

International Sports Medicine Association

Personal Trainer Certification
Sports Nutrition Certification
Kickboxing Certification
Tai Chi Chuan Certification


Chin Na (Grappling)
Tai Ji (Wu Ji Chi Kung System)
Taoism (Healing Tao System)

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TN 1994 Spring KungFu TN 199303 Inside Kung-Fu TN 199803 Black Belt
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