by SiGung Boscola
on 09 March, 2015


                Many Parts of spiritual and physical inquiries require enough faith in your master to at least practice what is presented.  If you have insufficient trust and confidence, or are perhaps too skeptical, then you will never succeed.  No one is telling you to be unquestioning.  But unless you respect the system and master you are with, you will not give either one enough of a chance to take root in your life.

                Commitment is of utmost importance.  Commitment means that you are willing to invest yourself absolutely in your practice.  This uncompromising quality isn’t for the sake of your master; it is for your own sake.  You are not surrendering to your master but committing yourself wholeheartedly to your own endeavors.

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by SiGung Boscola
on 01 March, 2014

Through my years as a martial artist, I have taught many types of students. I taught children from the age of 4 to the elderly of 74. Ironically, I started training at the age of 13 never thinking about being an Instructor. All I wanted to do was be a best martial art master that I can be. I never wanted to be a big shot in front of the classroom. I wanted to have excellent skill and overcome opponents that were much bigger and stronger than I.  At 5’ 7” and 150lbs, It was a great achievement to defeat opponents over 6’ 4” weighting 250lbs. I never had aspirations of running a large school. I pick up students through skill and not being an arm’s length teacher. Arm’s length teacher hides behind Chinese rituals of respect instead of their skill in the martial arts.

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by Unknown
on 26 February, 2014
A Wing Chun Practitioner, who only fights is just a fighter.
A Wing Chun Practitioner, who only poses well in forms and does not know the applications, is just a performer.
A Wing Chun Practitioner, who only lectures about theories of Wing Chun and does not practice them, is just an actor.
A Wing Chun practitioner, who knows, applies, and lectures on Wing Chun,
But does not find enjoyment of life from practicing Wing Chun, is inept.
A Real Wing Chun practitioner is one who knows, applies, and lectures on Wing Chun
while deriving enjoyment of life and fulfillment of soul from the practice of Wing Chun.