I miss your school and I just want you to know that I value what you taught me as much as anything I ever learned. I have spent a good number of years overseas and my training has been of great value along the way. What a Fighter!

Dominic Gagliardi


Thank You for coming to InTec to teach martial arts. We appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule.

Students of InTech

Intech Collegiate High School
Logan, Utah

Amazing!! ****

Jesse Parent


You are my KungFu instructor and biggest source of inspiration in my life who has always been there for me and will do what he can to help.

Jon Diament


Thanks for all your time and patience. I really appreciate all the things you've done to help me out to get through the system.

Jack Fosbenner


Wing Chun was the lynch pin of my workout routine.  Going to the gym was just to get stronger and more flexible for my lessons.  If I can't do Wing Chun, I would rather forgo all martial arts.

Scott Rainier


How helpful, Understanding, Considerate, and Best Training Ever. Sincerely, your student

Bob Rogers


Even though you may not have formally been my instructor, you were my senior & i learned as much if not more from you than my SiFu. you helped me polish the forms & techniques i learned from him & for that i will always be forever grateful, consider you SiFu

Drew Fera

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Thank you for presenting at the Clayton High School and Middle School Wellness Day. Your contribution significantly added to the success of this event. We greatly appreciated your efforts with our Wellness Day Program and hope you will be willing to present again next year. Again, thank you!

Cleve W. Bryan

Superintendent of Schools